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Terror Illusion By James R. Conway

The United Kingdom has not had a terrorist attack for several years and the Prime Minister believes that both Parliament and the British people are no longer prepared to accept the limitations of anti-terrorist legislation. What's needed is a reminder of how things could be. Nobody killed, just some inconvenience for a week or two. A “mock” terrorist attack.

That’s where a shadowy organisation within the MI5 Intelligence Service comes in. MI5 Black Operations, or MI5X for short, is known to few people even within MI5. The operatives of the MI5 Black Operations section are where the UK government turns when it needs ultra secret operations designed to sustain the power and control of the British Establishment over the British people.

Until now.

Jonathan Long acquired a strange ability to read and manipulate people’s minds when he sustained a brain injury in a car crash. MI5X may have met its match when Jonathan Long joins forces with Sir Fergus McKinnon, a former MI5 officer who knows the Intelligence Services from the inside and has dedicated himself to uncovering and thwarting MI5X operations.

This debut novel by James R. Conway follows in the hallowed footsteps of great writers such as Ken Follett and Jack Higgins, with a rich assortment of fascinating characters and featuring tense action set in London and across the British countryside.

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